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Doula Support

A doula can be so many things. She shares information. She supports the birthing person mentally and physically. She’s an advocate. She actively listens. She’s a friend. She holds space. Her foundation is her presence. Although her job can vary greatly from client to client, her foundation stays the same.

✨My foundation is my presence✨ - Macy Anderson, Doula

Now accepting Medi-Cal and Partnership.

Naked and Nourished Doula Services: Services

Prenatal Support

Prenatal visits will help us establish trust and a friendship. During these visits, we will discuss your fears and expectations and build a birth plan that is unique to you. From there I will tailor my support to your specific needs. Prenatal support can include a blessing way ceremony, meal prepping/packing, practicing comfort positions and breathing techniques, and emotional support.

Doula at Home

Labor and Birth Support

During labor and delivery, I will remain in constant and close proximity to you. I will try my best to provide comfort with pain-relief techniques including breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, massage, and laboring positions. I will also try to help guide your partner and offer them reassurance. 
I will be an advocate for you, encouraging and helping you fulfill specific desires you might have for your birth. 
The goal of a doula is to help the mother experience a positive and safe birth, whether an unmedicated birth or a cesarean.
After birth, I can offer breastfeeding support.


Postpartum Support

Postpartum support varies depending on the needs of the mother. We will plan care that is unique to these needs. I can offer information on caring for your new baby, and provide emotional support when you are feeling overwhelmed. I can help with housework and/or the cooking. Whatever you need, I want to support you.


Meet the Doula

Macy Anderson

My name is Macy. I am a mother and a wife first. I live in the Southern Humboldt interior on a homestead with my husband and 2 year old son, Mellow Reign. I am tied to the earth here and my heart belongs to the river. I spend a lot of my time in the garden or canning in the summer, and making soup or baking sourdough bread in the winter. I love every single one of my chickens, and my dog lives inside with us. I’ve lived here my entire life. This place is as much a part of me as I am of it.

I’m a prenatal, birth, and postpartum doula in Humboldt County, Ca, and my goal is to become a midwife someday.

I am passionate about and committed to protecting the mother’s right to informed choice, and providing support every step of the way throughout pregnancy and postpartum. In other words, I am here to provide emotional and physical support to mothers before, during, and after childbirth. No matter what that looks like for you. This is your body and your birth. I will be an advocate for your autonomy. I want to help make you feel supported throughout your pregnancy journey and protect your birth story. Women are designed for this and I trust that you’ll know what to do.

Naked and Nourished Doula Services: About

Support Packages

All packages include creating a birth plan.

Infant Legs

Medi-Cal and Partnership

Fully covered services

Ultimate Birth Support Package

Our most supportive package.

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Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Classic Birth Support Package

Our most popular package.

Basic Birth Support Package

Labor and delivery support.

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Naked and Nourished Doula Services: Services
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